Wednesday, February 8, 2012

it never rains in southern California

It does rain in southern California, and it did yesterday.  But that is fine, I had an all day indoor task to take care of so I did not miss out on anything.  Below is a cell phone photo from this morning's walk looking west toward the full moon setting over Point Loma.  It was a beautiful sight and I was not the only one to recognize it - I passed by both a guest and a worker at the waterfront hotels taking the same photograph with their cell phones.  

By the time I reached the southwest end of Shelter Island the moon had disappeared beneath the horizon.

Bruce and I made our trek Monday to West Marine, reportedly the second largest West Marine store in the country, and REI, where they did not have the convertible pants I was hoping to buy.  

We also broke out the charts for some planning.  It appears we will spend at least a couple of hours motoring against the current in the C and D Canal this Fall.  There is no way around it.  The current predictions show a flood tide at 2.1 knots.  Spartina under power moves comfortably at 4.5 knots, giving us hope that we can move at a speed over ground of a little over 2 knots.  We will cling to the shore where we hope the current will be not as strong.  

Two-thirds the way down the canal, heading east, the tide will slack and then the current will turn in our direction.  The last couple of miles should be easy.  And as we leave the canal the ebb tide will start carrying us down Delaware Bay.

At least that is the way we see it now.



Bill said...

Is there any kind of possibility that, if the wind were coming from the right direction, say, an aft quarter, that you could hoist sail for a little added propulsion? Or is hoisting a sail a no-no in the canal? I'm just thinking that if the wind were coming from behind, you could get at least a couple knot boost. 2 knots sounds ponderous...

Steve said...

My understanding is that sailing is not allowed. But I need to research that some more.