Saturday, February 4, 2012

the little what????

So Bruce picks me up at the airport, we grab a burger and a beer while talking about sailing plans.  Then I go visit Mom for a while before driving to San Diego Bay for a walk on a very nice afternoon.  Driving down I-5 past Mission Bay I catch sight of an interesting looking hull at the boat ramp.  It had to be a Welsford.

I pull off the highway, drive to the ramp and meet Kevin Beddoe and his sailing buddy David Peachey.  And it was a Welsford, a Navigator in fact.  There is something about John's designs - you can spot those beautiful hulls a mile away.  Kevin's Navigator, launched a couple of years ago, is called Pedito.  That translates to, uh, well, I'll let you look it up here.  I knew the "ito" on the end meant "little", I just didn't know the rest of it.  You learn something new everyday.

By the time I caught up Kevin and David they were wrapping up a nice day of sailing on Mission Bay, all the way across the bay and, if I understood correctly, out past the jetties into the Pacific Ocean.  Pretty cool.  It was a beautiful day and must have been a great sail.  I took the photo at the top of the post while talking with the guys.  The rigging was down by then, so Kevin sent these other photos from past sails to show what she really looks like.

We talked for about twenty minutes.  They told a few sailing stories, I told them a few too.  It was fun.  Kevin said he envied my sailing territory of Chesapeake Bay and the Sounds of North Carolina.  I told him I envied his sailing on winter days with 70-plus degree temperatures and a nice breeze.

We swapped phone numbers and emails.  Maybe we can connect someday and I can finally sail on a Navigator.

Kevin and David, it was nice to meet you guys.  I hope to catch up with you and Pedito on the next trip.


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