Sunday, September 2, 2018

to drift or not to drift, a sailing raid

The question for the holiday weekend is should I drift, or not.  Hot and humid, the wind forecast has proven accurate for Saturday and Sunday at almost no wind, save for the violent thunderstorms that form in the late afternoon.  I've been doing boat work and house work to keep busy, checking the forecast for tomorrow and hoping for better.  That's is tomorrow forecast above, purplish-blue for 0 to 5 mph wind.

I checked last year's sailing and was pleased to find the image above, a favorite by friend Mike Goodwin.  Obviously we had much better wind then.

I have been following, via google translate, Lorenzo's plans for an upcoming sailing raid near his home on the shore of the Mediterranean.  Translating as best I can, it looks to be 60 to 80 miles of sailing over four days, perfect for Lorenzo's finely built Pathfinder ASTRID.  It is coming up soon, the dates are September 12-16.  I'll look forward to reading about the sail (then shortly thereafter take off on my own little raid, 14 days on Chesapeake Bay).


Tom said...

Ha! I've been going thru the same thing here in Piedmont North Carolina... A weekend of sanding, scraping, painting, and just for fun - fairing a wonky rudder. Watching the sky, hoping for some sustained puffs, and go hit the lake. Boat doesn't have to be painted to sail, does it? But nothing, back to scraping.... And my wife said it best - just being around boats makes me happy, even if it involves sanding!

Amos said...

I sailed out of Elizabeth City; we had no wind until 1300, then it blew strong and steady the rest of the day.

Steve said...

Alex, good to hear from you. Looks like you do some adventurous sailing.

Amos, yes I noticed that afternoon breeze. It showed up in Chesapeake about 2 or 3 in the afternoon. Glad you got out.