Saturday, November 2, 2013

buyboat Muriel Eileen at dawn


Rich said...

Great photo Steve. I love buyboats. They have beautiful (to me) sweeping clean lines. The bowed out pilothouse really makes that look unique too. - Rich

Anonymous said...

To see another view of buyboats, go to:

If that doesn't work, google in: town (Local E-Rag for Oriental - Sailboat Capital of NC).

On the homepage, look to right, and scroll down to "The Shipping News", and click on it, and read 5 page article on the 88 year-old "Nellie Crockett" coming from Chesapeake Bay.

Photos look like Steve took them; beautiful brightwork.

My apologies if I have hijacked this post. I figured this might enlighten folks more about Buyboats, especially since they's from y'all's neck of the woods.