Sunday, November 24, 2013

Spartina on facebook

No, there isn't a Spartina facebook page, and there won't be one anytime soon.  

But with a little searching I did find Sultana's facebook page, which included several nice galleries from the Downingrigging weekend - one of which showed this nice photo of Spartina.  Not sure who the photographer was, but thanks very much.

Don't those Dabbler sails look nice??



Baydog said...

Sultana looks like an Opti in that photo!

Rik said...

They sure look beautiful. Thanks to them, I also have gorgeous sails...
Thanks Steve.

Steve said...

one of these years you gotta be there for the downrigging weekend.

you are going to love those sails. On my sail this past friday I was just thinking how much they have improved Spartina's performance.


Lorenzo B said...

Hello Steve,
I love following your blog; it has been a bit of an inspiration for my own build ...
I'm interested about these sails for my (future) pathfinder and also would like to know how to convert the original boomm design to a standard gooseneck arrangement. Does the shape of the mainsail require adapting in this case?

Steve said...

good to hear from you. Using a conventional boom I went with a gooseneck that you can see a sketch of in this post...

As for changing the sail shape, on my first set of sails I did alter the shape at JW's suggestion. I heard later that he was telling builders that no change was needed. Stuart of Dabbler sails I think agreed that no change was necessary. But Stuart did make some modifications to JW's sail design. If you contact me directly I can go into more detail on that.

I highly recommend Dabbler Sails. High quality work and material, plus a shape that performs very well. I still can't get over the difference in speed between the original sails and the Dabbler sails. Plus Stuart has made maybe a half dozen sets of sails for the Pathfinder, he is very familiar with the boat/sails.

If I'm reading your profile correctly, my wife was in your part of the world a couple of months ago. Her photos of the Mediterranean coast were spectacular. It must be a great place to sail.


Lorenzo B said...

Hello again Steve,

I'm based in southern France, near the city of Toulon. The coastline is very nice and offers plenty of attractive sailing grounds. For sure it is a little busier than the beautiful places I always see portrayed in your blog. Anyhow the features of this are as well as other considerations got me convinced that the way forward for me was trailer sailing rather than having a boat permanently in the water at the same location. I've sold my small cabin cruiser and started building the Pathfinder.
If ever you or your family are swinging by our bit of the world, don't hesitate to come knock at the door!
Kind regards

P.S. I will contact Dabbler both for my current 12 foot dinghy and for the pathfinder

Steve said...

Thanks, Lorenzo, for the invite. Maybe someday. In the meantime, good luck with the build. And I have no doubts that you will find dealing with Stuart to be a pleasure.