Tuesday, November 26, 2013

heads up

Over in Newport News today I dropped by the Mariner's Museum for a new display I had heard about called "A Head of its Time."  Yeah, I know, sounds strange.  But you never know.  So I followed the young woman as she led me through the dark winding hallway between the Monitor (as in USS Monitor) Center and the original Mariner's Museum.  As we rounded a corner she motioned to her right, said "It's right through the door, I'll stay outside and wait."  I come around the corner to see two doors, one labeled "men" and the other "women."  "So where's the display?" I asked, more than a little baffled.  "In the men's room" was the reply, "just look in the stalls, you'll see it."  She was not kidding.  The "exhibit" was made up of the little cartoons you see posted above.  Not what I had expected, but then again, what should I have expected?  

Rain is tapping the window as I sit at the kitchen table.  Heavy rains through tomorrow night, clearing and then a forecast high of 51 degrees for the next week.  I think my sailing season is over.  No complaints, it has been a good year on the water.

I've started sorting through my notes, logs, photos and gps tracks from the fall trip, which I have not looked at for six or seven weeks.  I remember the bumpy water of Albemarle Sound, the rain and fog of the Alligator River, a stiff north wind down the Pungo River, a nice trout on Cedar Creek and sailing off the white beach of Shackleford Banks on our way to Cape Lookout Bight.  I'll enjoy digging back into my notes, remembering the wind and water, sights and sounds of a sail through the inner banks.


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