Wednesday, November 13, 2013

the yawl, the bugeye and the cat

I just found this photograph from late spring.  I don't recall publishing it before, but I could be wrong about that.  Seeing it made me smile, bringing back memories of the weekend in Onancock.  

That is Spartina at dawn, rafted up next to the Charlotte E. Foster, the classic Chesapeake Bay bugeye that belongs to my friend Maria.  She and her husband John had sailed with me on Spartina the evening before, getting back to their dock on the north branch of Onancock Creek too late, too dark to find an anchorage.  And after visiting with them on the deck of the Charlotte it was one too many glasses of wine to even think about navigating in the dark.  Instead we rafted up for the night and I slept under the stars.

It was just last June.  Why does that seem so long ago?


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Bill said...

That looks like an absolutely great spot to spend the night.