Thursday, November 7, 2013

the questions persist...

I continue to receive questions about the gold crew of the Pride of Baltimore II, and I have no answers.  It wasn't halloween, that was a couple of days earlier.  It wasn't a publicity stunt, being early morning there was no one around to see them save for the crews of neighboring boats.

I had walked to a coffee shop earlier in the morning with one of the Pride's crew members.  When I asked if she wanted to join me at my table she said that she had to get back to the ship for an early muster.  This must have been why. 

They emerged from below decks, moving slowly and silently around the decks, using towels and squeegees to clean off the morning dew.  Once the ritual was over, they disappeared below decks.

It was all interesting and fun to watch.  What may have been more interesting was late than night when, I'm told, the crew dressed in gold and headed to a local pub.  I know you can see through the fabric, but can you drink a beer through it?

Performance art might be the best explanation, something different, unusual and very enjoyable.


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Bursledon Blogger said...

Glad you cleared up that mystery. At first I thought they were a bunch of mannequins on display.

I wonder of I could get a group of fancy dressed folks along for a performance event at haul out and anti foul time