Tuesday, November 12, 2013

next year

A mixture of snow and rain is falling outside the window.  The cold should last just a day or two, and maybe then a slight warming for a weekend sail, though I do not feel confident about that.

I've been sketching out in my mind possible trips for next year.  Above would be a spring trip, passing through Tangier Sound, crossing the bay to the Patuxent River and back.  It seems like a long while since I sailed the middle part of the bay, but checking the logs at right it was just a year ago May that I did a walkabout there.  But I need to read the log just to recall that trip, so it has been too long.

Fall would be another attempt to reach Ocracoke Island, something that three days of small craft warnings prevented on our trip several weeks ago.  Plus I would hope for good weather on the Alligator River, which was covered with mists and fogs - and no wind - on the recent trip.  Manteo would definitely be on the route, as well as Belhaven and Englehard.

At least those are a couple of ideas to think about over the winter.


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