Friday, November 1, 2013



Anonymous said...

When you click on the image for full-screen view, the "textured view" offers a painting, possibly.

When I visited Chestertown in August on the way back from MA, there was a schooner out in the middle of the river, but it had a green hull and a pennant that read, "MARTHA WH_T_".

I was afraid to think, "Martha White", (LOL). I mistook it for the "Sultana", since you said it was usually docked there.

You'll be able to fill in the blanks, I'm sure.

I posted Barry's video link to the Precision Forum of and a few comments about your Blog.

See thread that begins with:
Frustration! (views: 71) Richard P-18 Williamsburg -- 10/30/13 5:51p.m. Then click on my post, "You do have it easy..."

I hope it increases your "circulation".

Steve said...

Thanks, Buck!

Anonymous said...

Any idea on the schooner's
"moniker" I mentioned in the above post?

I think I've read about it on Barry's Blog or yours.

I expect she's there at the docks.

MaryLou said...

Hey Buck, It is the schooner Martha White. the reason for the name may be evident when you go to their website:
I've never actually seen the band.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mary Lou.

Been a few years since you & I talked about recommended anchorages on the Magothy River when I launched near Rock Hall Emporium marina in 2011.

Thanks for filling in the blanks. I was confident that the schooner was not tied in with the cornbread folks.

Will have to get back up to Rock Hall to get on the bay so I can get my "fix". Thoroughly enjoyed my seven days on the water in 2011.

Thanks again.