Sunday, March 16, 2014

a film, never-ending work and winter, heat

I came across mention of the film, not yet made, called Chesapeake.  According to their website the film is in development, fundraising and prepping for pre-production (pre-pre-production, if you will). That word "fundraising" makes it sound as if the production is tenuous, but I do hope the film gets made.  News reports say that it should be filmed this year. 

From the video on their website, which is worth watching just for the spectacular views of Chesapeake Bay and Tangier Island, it looks like their are trying to capture a very classic view of the Bay and its lifestyle - Tangier Island, watermen, working on the water.  I haven't been to a theater in years to see a film.  I would be first in line to see Chesapeake. 

Winter has returned with cold, windy days.  Rain is tapping at the window right now.  With no sailing to be had, I've been ordering some gear for Spartina and the spring trip.  Bass Pro Shops is shipping a 20 liter Ascend dry bag to their local store where I will pick it up.  This will replace a 20-some-year-old dry bag that is beyond patching.  I probably will not use the shoulder strap, but I do like the strap and D-ring on the side of the bag.   That should make it easier to fasten in place in Spartina, or give the option to attach something else - water bottle?? - to it.

For Spartina's mainsail downhaul, which Stuart has been telling me I really need (and he is right), I have ordered this right-handed bronze tubular jamb cleat, made by Davey & Company, from Green  I could have gone ways that are a lot cheaper, aluminum jam cleats cost less that ten bucks. I haven't worked out the details yet, but basically a line with run from the gooseneck through a bronze eye-strap and then back to the tubular jamb cleat.  I've convinced myself I need the tubular cleat because it is low profile and and it won't catch the other lines that run to the foredeck.  But really, I just like the way it looks.  

Work has been, well, a lot like work lately.  Very busy with a lot of time on the road and not much free time. The schedule is still up in the air, and may well be for the next several months.  I've given up on the idea of a Beaufort to Beaufort trip this year, I just don't know that I can get away for a couple of weeks or more.  I am locked in for a ten day trip this spring (if spring ever arrives).  You can see the two options for the May trip here.  

Fall will probably be a Pamlico Sound trip, maybe with visits to Ocracoke, Manteo, and Bath along with some of my other favorite places. 

Above a jalapeño peppers, roasted under the gas broiler.  The charred skin peels off easily, leaving the warm rich tasting flesh, which will add the heat to tonight's crawfish étouffée.  On a cold winter's day we need something with a little heat to it.


Baydog said...

I'm sure it'll be wondermous, I guarahntee!

EyeInHand said...

Looks like it has potential to be a great movie. Thanks for the tip!

Steve said...


the bon temps rolled!


yes, there is potential there.


Anonymous said...

I installed two of those tube cleats on Slip Jig's boom for the mainsail outhaul reef points. They take jiffy reefing to a whole new level.


Steve said...

That's the story of my life, Kevin, following in the footsteps of genius. I am very glad they worked for you, and think they will be perfect for Spartina. That is an interesting idea to use them for reefing.

Let's hope the mid-Atlantic gets back on schedule. I'm ready for spring.