Tuesday, March 18, 2014

spot depths recovered, free shipping

After about 45 minutes on the phone with Garmin's support staff, including an "approved" discussion with a Mac software specialist, we have recovered the spot depths for Garmin's Homeport software on my laptop.

The two images above show Tom's Cove at the south end of both Chincoteague and Assateauge Islands.  Should we have north winds in May and I make sail from Chicoteague to Wachapreage Inlet, I would spend the night in Tom's Cove.  I knew it was shallow with sand bars at the entrance.  Having the information, both the visuals from the satellite and the spot depths on gps, will be helpful in planning.

The garmin tech asked why the spot depths disappeared.  I asked why they never showed up in the first place.  Who knows?  In any case the techs were very helpful and easy to deal with, and we got the job done.

The sat image above, and the chart above that, show Wachapreague Inlet, about 24 miles down the barrier islands from Chincoteague and Tom's Cove.  Again the spots depths will be appreciated as I do my planning.


An email from West Marine tells me a bronze eye strap is being shipped to me.  It cost less than $3.00 and comes with free shipping.  The shipping, by FedEx, seems like it would cost more that the hardware itself.

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Bill said...

Glad to see you're consistently going with bronze. I see people using aluminum and plastic hardware on a wooden boat, and it always just seems ... wrong. You take this nice, classic-looking wooden sailing vessel, with salty lines and traditional rigging, and then fit it with modern synthetic and light-weight materials.

Plus that tubular jam cleat is just cool - it's a neat piece of work unto itself and elegant in its simplicity.