Wednesday, March 5, 2014

separated, stepping out of the cocoon

Kristen and Dawn have been separated for a while now, with Kristen taking the beach route south and Dawn going inside through the Wilderness Waterway, which includes a stretch called "nightmare."  Dawn's Spot has been missing in action since last night.  I'm sure that she is much further south and I don't doubt that the two, and their fellow kayakers, will reunite in Flamingo.  Kristen looks to be a few hundred yards from Flamingo now. 


Spartina is not the only boat to recently step out of the winter cocoon.  The Schooner Virginia slipped off the huge tent that has covered the deck for the past few months.  Winter maintenance is done, 12 coats of varnish on the deckhouse, masts and spars.  She was on her way to a dry dock at Lyon Marine this afternoon for painting and a Coast Guard inspection.  Captain Moseley tells me that she will be fully rigged and tied up downtown in just a couple of weeks.  I can't wait to sail near that sleek black hull.  

The schooner will be more of a local boat this year, spending six months out of her eight month sailing season on Chesapeake Bay.  She'll be in Norfolk and Portsmouth of course, but also Cape Charles, Deltaville, Alexandria and a few other places where I might be able to catch up with her.  

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