Sunday, March 2, 2014

spot tracking, heat and snow

Based on a suggestion from Paul, Dawn's husband (aka DanceswithSandyBottom), I've downloaded the SPOT BUDDY app to my iPad and iPhone.  This is a very nice $2.99 app that allows for tracking multiple Spot trackers.  I have three tracking urls, which I have put into the app.  You'll see Alan and Jake on Mosquito with the green marks, Dawn with blue and Kristen with magenta.  

This is an improvement over SPOT's own tracking page, which I have always found to be clunky.  The app has options of viewing tracks from the last several hours to weeks to months to all points made by the device, with the ability to retain those points forever.  (On SPOT's site the track disappear after a certain period of time.)

An added feature of the app is data - both speed and direction - for each point on the track.  The speed is not precise, it appears to the rounded to whole numbers, but at least it gives an idea of the progress over the water.  Dawn and Kristen were making four knots earlier today, now making three knots.  Alan and Jake were doing 10 knots coming in from the gulf this morning, now they are at five knots returning to open water after a stop at Check Point 2.

I will add my own spot track to the device at some point this spring.  It will be interesting, after a cruise, to go back and look as speeds throughout the trip.

Thanks for the tip, Paul.


It is sunny and warm, a very nice day but much too windy for the first sail of the year.  I think I made a good call on that.  As nice a day as it is, I wonder how is it we have a forecast with 2 to 4 inches of snow tomorrow.


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