Tuesday, March 18, 2014

something to celebrate in Onancock

Word comes from friend Maria that there was something more to celebrate in Onancock than just St. Patrick's Day.  Above you see Maria and husband John with the finally completed harbor master's office at Onancock Wharf.  

It seems like it has been forever since they tore down the old building.  Early last year on a visit I noticed that construction was underway.  In June, when I again visited Onancock, construction was still underway.  And so it was in July and August and through the fall to the point they had lost much of the boating season.  

But it is finally finished now and perfect timing for the upcoming season.  I don't have the details of the new facility but believe it includes rest rooms/showers and maybe laundry facilities.  

Above you see Maria and John aboard Spartina last June, an evening sail on Onancock Creek down to within sight of Chesapeake Bay and then back to Onancock with the setting sun.  Maria opened a nice bottle of wine to toast new friendships as we came within sight of the wharf.  That night I slept under the stars aboard Spartina rafted up to the Charlotte E. Foster at the dock behind John and Maria's home.

I look forward to getting back there this spring, seeing friends and launching Spartina for a nice sail on the beautiful creek.

Spring, when will you get here?


Liadan said...

Yes it does have beautiful laundry facilities.

Steve said...

Excellent. Great ramp, nice facility and a beautiful town. Can't wait to get up there with Spartina!


Shawn Stanley said...

Steve, my comments are few and far between..but I tend to clump them together when I catch up on your blog.

Thanks for the update on Onancock. It is a favorite spot of mine. I was last there in 2006-7 with several friends via boat, and it is time to visit again!

Sorry to clutter up your blog...I had some typos in the previous post!
(Solomons, MD)

Steve said...

Good to hear from you Shawn. I'm hoping to get back to Onancock too - just need some decent weather.