Saturday, March 1, 2014

there, not here

The kayakers and sailors left the beach for the Everglades Challenge this morning.  I wish I could see how all of my friends are doing, but the water tribe site and their tracking maps are slow or not working at all.  There is always a lot of demand for information about the race and the servers never seem to keep up with that demand.  Friends Dawn and Kristen have shore based support that will be updating their blogs.  I hope we can hear about the start later this morning.

The weather there looks good for kayakers with a forecast of a sunny 73 degrees, but I'm sure the sailors would want a little more wind than the current one mile-an-hour breeze.  The forecast has winds around 10 for the next few days and no strong winds - which those people seem to thrive on - until Thursday.

The weather here will warm quickly, but with gusts in the 20 mph range over the weekend.  Too much wind, I think, for the first sail of the year.  Water temperatures are still in the high 40's and low 50's, I would water to be a bit warmer before heading out into gusty conditions.  Maybe next weekend.  


James, who once captained ships and now travels in a kayak, was kind enough to explain the meaning of letters "COSPAS," which is on my personal locator beacon.  Just the wording, in English or otherwise, makes me feel safer.  Thank, James.

Cospas means Cosmitscheskaja Sistema Poiskd Awarinitsch Sudow 
or space system for search of vessels in distress.

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