Saturday, March 1, 2014


The watertribe tracking map continues to be inaccessible, but both Dawn and Kristen have updates on their web pages.  That is Kristen's position, above, from 12:30, just off the inlet to Sarasota.  It is unusual, according to her blog, in that she is heading south outside of the barrier islands.  Typically the path for kayakers is inside. I can only imagine that calm water and light winds make this possible.

And the same for Dawn, with a screen shot of her tracking map, which is available live on her blog, showing her out on the Gulf of Mexico.

There's Alan, Dawn and Alan's teammate Jake moments before the race.

A pleasant weather start of the event, which in my memory is not too common.



MaryLou said...

March 1 was a beautiful day here in FL. We were out with friends at the South end of Anna Maria Island, the northernmost barrier island south of Tampa Bay. A lot the Everglades challenge folks must have chosen to go outside as there were small boats everywhere we could see across the horizon. Not a common occurrence in that spot. Unfortunately, I neglected to bring binoculars or a camera.

Steve said...

I'm glad the weather was nice somewhere. Cold and snowy up here. Enjoy Florida....and yes, I think most of the EC'ers went outside. This has to be the mildest weather for the event that I can remember.