Monday, September 2, 2019

cool water, last year, an unwelcome alignment

I found the water of Scuffletown Creek, launching SPARTINA yesterday and retrieving today, distinctly cooler than when I sailed two weeks ago.  The seasons are changing fast.

A year ago I was sailing with my friend Barry on the Rappahannock and near Gwynn's Island.  Barry, as always, had a camera with him and made this wonderful video.  It was a great weekend of sailing.  Here is the direct link to the video.

No wind this morning so I motored back to the ramp.  I had planned to leave SPARTINA on the river all week but since we are possibly in the path of Dorian my planned week of evening sails turned in a just a weekend on the water.

I feel sorry for the people of the Bahamas.  The category 4 hurricane is moving at just one mile per hour.  I cannot imagine the devastation.

The various hurricane forecasting models show an unusual and unwelcome alignment over Cape Hatteras.  The storm is four days away and the models can and do change.  I had once thought my hurricane days were over, but if anything like the map above holds I might be in line for an all-expense paid trip to the Outer Banks.  

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