Sunday, September 15, 2019


Most of the packing for the fall trip will happen next weekend, but with several pieces of new gear I decided to get a head start on it today.  (I had hoped for a sail today but the map tells me is is a light blue to purple kind of day - light and variable winds.)

With the idea of reducing single use plastic (I know, it's a fad, but I sail by so much plastic in the rivers and sounds I thought I would try and do my part) I am trying out stand-up reusable ziplock storage bags.  Each bag contains most of the food for two days worth of meals.  Each day's meal includes an Rx bar, buffalo meat bar, three cups of fruit, can of Italian tuna and some ginger chews (freeze dried meals go in a 20 liter dry bag).  That red Rx bar is chocolate cherry, that doesn't sound like it would suit my taste but I have yet to try an Rx bar that I did not like.

I have two new anchor lights, Everbrite camping lanterns.  Two for ten bucks, seems like a good deal and they seem to be well made.  If I'm using the boom tent I use just one anchor light, hanging it up in the lazy jacks.  If I am not using the boom tent and instead sleeping under the stars I use two anchor lights, one under the bow sprit and one off the stern.  I want those predawn dead rises to see me as they come down the creek.  In the past I have tried to have all my equipment use AA batteries. These use AAA, as does my new marine vhf radio so I'll carry supplies of both types of batteries.

I've also got new foul weather gear, jacket and bibs made by Gill.  I bought both through amazon, not realizing that the bib pants were from a wetsuit store in England.  Four-day free international shipping, I don't see how they can do that but obviously they can.

I'll have two books on board, both look good to me and received good reviews.  Dusk comes early this time of year so I don't know how much reading I'll get done.  

A few other things I need to do...

  • I've got a new gps so need to create new or copy old waypoints
  • My new SPOT Gen 3 has an option for a second message that I don't understand so need to look at the owner's manual.
  • Fall means fishing on Chesapeake Bay, need to renew my fishing license.


Clark said...

Sounds like fun!

Steve W said...

Where are you off too?