Saturday, September 21, 2019

packing, checking, charging

GoPro batteries

freeze-dried dinners

sleeping gear
top to bottom, sleeping bag, bevy, sleeping pad

hypothermia kit, left, and bag of freeze-dried dinners

vacuum-packed spare am/fm, gps and vhf radio

dried pineapple/strawberry/papaya

almonds/pumpkin seeds/pistachios


Buck on Alert said...


You mentioned your source for the freeze-dried dinners.

Was it Campmor? (or REI?)

Getting hungry just looking at it.
Will be doing a few overnights on my Precision 18 heading for the Bay River next month.

All the best,


Steve said...

In the past I have bought meals in packs of 20, there was a discount if bought in bulk, from Campmor, but something in the back of my mind makes me think they no longer sell the meals. REI does sell them currently. Have a good trip. steve