Friday, September 6, 2019

the eye

The eye of Dorian began to pass us by to the south and east, then slid west, back east and then west again.  The wind calmed, a patch of blue skies.  Very cool.  Sound blow out to the west, but not as bad as Irene.  Backside of storm arrived about five minutes ago, howling winds and rain.

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Shawn Stanley said...

Wow Steve...great picture..glad to hear things are going 'well' there where you are. Let's hope the destruction is less than Irene. She dropped six trees in my front yard and one on the house in Southern Maryland at my old place back in 2011.

Here in Solomons, we've barely gotten any rain from the main storm today as it slides up the coast..NNW-NNE @ 20kts. No complaints here.

Solomons, MD