Thursday, October 8, 2009

dinner at Ruke's

The restaurants on Smith Island close when the ferries leave with the tourists - about 4:00 pm. We got there just as the ladies at Ruke's Seafood Deck were closing up. That's me below peaking in the door to see if they were still open.

We called the trip The Crab House 150 with the idea that we would try crabcakes along the way to see who had the best. Ruke's was our first stop. Wayne from our B and B called Ruke's and let them know we would want crabcakes for dinner and we would be right down. Bless their hearts, the ladies stayed open past four o'clock and fixed us crabcakes.

From my notebook....

"Ruke's Crabcake Sandwich Platter, $11.75. Came in a styrofoam box. Fries, cole slaw, crabcake on a bun with a nice slice of tomato, lettuce and pack of tartar sauce. Ate on the porch at a wrought iron table. Lump crabmeat, very fresh and broiled to perfection. Crispy brown on the outside, rich crab meat (no filler) inside. Good iced tea. Fresh, simple and light. Excellent."

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