Wednesday, October 7, 2009

mapping the trip

I am still struggling to figure out how to make maps with gps tracks, google earth and google maps. I think some cool stuff can be done with all that technology but it is beyond my understanding right now. DanceswithSandyBottom, who recently completed the inaugural WaterTribe NC Challenge, helped with the map below. Thanks very much Paul.
This is based on Bruce's gps track which marked a point every three minutes.
I've added the names of all of our stops from Smith Island in the south to Rock Hall in the north and our final destination of St. Michaels.
There is Kevin on the Navigator Slip Jig. We sailed together on the last leg of the journey, from Dividing Creek off the Wye River to St. Michaels on the Miles River. It took just a couple of hours. A very nice way to end the trip.



S R Wood said...

I know I speak for thousands when I saw We Want Pictures! I took a few, but as you might guess they were all focused on hatches, coamings, and other construction details.

Sure was inspiring to see a Pathfinder in person!

I am trying to be patient while awaiting more photos and stories and cruising details, but you guys set the bar pretty high with the Skeeter Beater trip report....


Steve said...

In the words of Cool Hand Luke,....

"I’m still shakin’ it boss, I’m still shakin’ it!"

Give me a few more days, probably early next week.