Monday, October 26, 2009

no muss, no fuss

Yes, this is the one very popular piece of gear I forgot to mention, thanks Bruce for pointing that out. It is the Sealand 962 Sanipottie Portable Toilet. About $75 and worth every penny. Odor free, easy to use and maintain. My feeling is that the secret to keeping it that way is a quick spray of citrus-based cleaner in to the bowl before and after each use. It fits up forward of the mast under the foredeck (there is a ton of storage room under the foredeck on a Pathfinder). You don't even know it is there.

(You may not know it's there but you are really glad it is. It is very comfortable as well. Additionally, you can't be too modest to be able to relax and enjoy the moment. If the tent isn't set up, well, it's just you and the good Lord. Fortunately we usually anchor in secluded places and nobody is around anyway. This really is a great piece of equipment.)


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