Monday, October 26, 2009

Fisherman Island

I got a chance to run over to Fisherman Island today. That is the tiny little island at the very southern tip of the Eastern Shore. You'll see it on various charts, maps and signs as Fishermen's Island or Fisherman's Island, but the real name is Fisherman Island.

Somebody was smart enough years ago to make it a federal national wildlife refuge. Access is very limited. I had driven over it countless times over the last 20 years - the last high rise bridge of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel touches down there as you head north on to the shore - but I had never set foot on it. I was very glad to go today.

Signs of wildlife, both marine and otherwise, were everywhere. Those are deer tracks below. There were thousands of birds, ghost crabs, horse shoe crabs, sand dollars and just about anything else you could imagine.

It was the first time I had been around the water since the sailing trip. And of course it got me to thinking about where we might go sailing next year. There was one pretty little creek that reminded me of some of the places we saw on the last trip. I would like to head back north on the Bay maybe in late spring to visit the creeks around the Honga, Little Choptank and Choptank Rivers. We would probably cover less territory, but spend more time checking out the creeks, marshes and fishing villages.

And I would like to head south in late summer or early fall to Pamlico Sound. I've done four cruises down there, two solo and two with Bruce, but there is lots more to see. Bruce is checking on his schedule - I didn't realize retired life could be so busy - so we can compare notes and work things out. The planning will be a fun project for winter.

We've had bad weather the two weekends since we got back from the trip. But the forecast is looking better this Saturday and Sunday so maybe I'll get out for a day sail on the Elizabeth River. Now is a great time to sail - if the weather is good - as the snowbird fleet of sailboats are passing through our area on their way to Florida and the Bahamas for the winter. A lot of spectacular boats and very nice people are out there on the ICW right now.

Today on Fisherman Island we could feel the weather shifting back and forth. Early in the morning it was hot and humid, then it cleared and cooled down. A very nice, interesting day on a beautiful little island.


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