Saturday, April 2, 2011

books, bearings and plans

The calendar caught me by surprise this morning.  Less than four weeks until my spring solo sail.  Good deal.  Things are coming together for the trip.  Just picked up my book (the old fashioned printed kind), Sea of Lost Dreams by Ferenc Mate, using a gift card from Mom (thanks, Mom!!).  It has a map inside the cover, I love any book that starts with a map.  In this case it shows The Marquesas.  I had to tuck the book away in the cruising gear to minimize the temptation to start reading it now.

We had pizza last night, they gave me enough packets of the crushed red pepper and parmesan cheese for each dinner on the water.  I've got all the canned/packaged food already bought.  Just need to pick up the fresh veggies the day before the trip.

Also repacked the bearings on the trailer using bearing grease designed to deal with salt water.  My Load Rite Trailer has bearing covers similar to Bearing Buddies, the type with a spring-loaded grease reservoir that keeps the grease in the hub under pressure and, hopefully, prevents water intrusion.  (When I can afford it I will replace the oem reservoirs with Bearing Buddies which I think are better constructed.)
The bearing protectors have worked well.  After six years the bearings were in perfect shape.

Above in red are possible routes for day two and day three of the trip (blue is the gps track from day two of the Tag Team sail).  On the second day of the spring trip I would like to sail from Maw Point (1) down West Bay to The Thorofare.  Day three I hope like to head back across the bottom of Pamlico Sound and the Neuse River to Swan Creek (3). That way I can get a good look at the area (I really like the beach and sand dunes along the north shore of Cedar Island, very pretty) while sailing on "new" water most of the way.

The fourth night should find me somewhere around Middle Bay.  Lots of good anchorages there.  Right now I like the looks of Little Oyster Creek (might be good fishing) but I'll have to wait and see what the weather is like.



Unknown said...

I've bee following your blog for while - I too just received my copy of Sea of Lost Dreams, and am already 60 pages in. Assume you have read Ghost Sea - set in Northwest where I am originally from?

Steve said...

Yes, I have read Ghost Sea twice - when it first came out and again last winter. I'm looking forward to this next book - but will save it for when I'm on the water. steve

Unknown said...

I live aboard, so I guess I have an excuse for for starting now -look forward to following your sailings!