Wednesday, March 2, 2011

a beam reach

I'm not a racer so I don't really know, but I suspect the EC sailors (and kayakers with sails) might be happy with the forecast for the start of the race Saturday.  Wind out of the east about 12-14 mph.  Above is the boat Dawn Patrol crewed by DanceswithSandyBottom and SOS in the North Carolina Challenge.  They'll be teaming up again for the EC.

I can tell you from our experiences on the Tag Team trip that Dawn Patrol, a Core Sound 20, is a fast boat on just about any point of sail.  And that was just with main and mizzen.  In the photo below she has a third sail up, I think SOS told me it was called a fisherman.

Just how many sails can you put up on that boat?


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DancesWithSandyBottom said...


How many sails? The answer my friend is blowing in the wind...

Our final pre-race post on gives a clue.

Will email photos to you.