Wednesday, March 2, 2011

the secret is out!

DanceswithSandyBottom and SOS have unveiled the modified Dawn Patrol.  You can see the CS 20 with a longgggg bowsprit for a spinnaker.  Wow.  She's gonna fly.  (I told Paul that if we ever sail together again I will say both hello and goodbye at the ramp as that will be the last time I see Dawn Patrol.)  I love the DP at the tip of the bow sprit - nice touch.

You can get the specs at the Dawn Patrol blog.  Paul had mentioned the modification a few weeks ago but wanted to keep the project under wraps.  It was designed and built by SOS.  

Checking the challenge map you can see the participants are making their way to Florida.  A little over two days and 10 hours until the start.


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