Saturday, March 26, 2011

day two of the walkabout

On a cold grey, windy day what else are you gonna do but think about upcoming trips.  I was looking at the spring walkabout this evening, measuring some distances for day two.  Day one will take me from Hobucken to Maw Point, similar to what I did last fall.   The next day I plan to sail to West Bay behind Cedar Island - but that could be a relatively short sail.  Why not continue on through to beautiful Core Sound?

This would involve sailing down West Bay to West Thorofare Bay and following the Thorofare Canal - there is Dawn above aboard Dawn Patrol with Spartina in the background going through the canal - into Core Sound.

I really like Core Sound.  Shallow with narrow, winding channels.  The windswept dunes of the Core Banks to the east, a few sandy islands - that's me moving Spartina at Wainwright Island above - sprinkled here and there.

There is a nice photo from the Dawn Patrol crew showing Spartina sailing along the south shore of Cedar Island on Thorofare Bay.  If I make it there, about 25 miles from Maw Point, I could head a little bit south on day three and visit Morris Marina in Atlantic, NC.  Their website gives a pretty nice description....

"The marina is a safe harbor with seawalls, a launching ramp, boat slips, and a marked channel offering easy access to and from Core Sound. Gas and Diesel are available on the docks. The Marina also has a short order grill where you can order breakfast and coffee before you head for a day of fishing. The Grill is best known for the Morris Burger, the best hamburger on the Southern Outer Banks. Another famed offering at the Grill includes the Core Sound Shrimp-burger, made with the best of the local Core Sound Shrimp."

On a cold grey day a shrimp burger on Core Sound seems pretty good to me.



Baydog said...

I will gladly pay you on Tuesday for a shrimp burger today!

WV: flote. Would you flote one my way?

Robert said...

Hey, that's a good trip. The bridge over the thorofare canal, can you sail under or do you have to drop the mast? Can't tell on google maps. A fish shack with shrimp burgers is a good destination.

Steve said...

We can sail under it, I think the vertical clearance is 45 feet. steve

Robert said...

thanks, plenty of height for my mariner 19