Friday, March 4, 2011

last minute instructions

Paul called late this afternoon with an update on instructions.  We exchanged some emergency contact information and rules for when I should contact the race manager (though I don't expect that will ever happen).  Some of this came out of this afternoon's captain's meeting.  Having all those boats out on the water in an unsupported expedition really demands good communication between the crews and shore.

The photos I get arrive with no caption but I'm pretty sure that is SOS, right, with the Vandemere shirt, and Bumpy, left, comparing notes.

The forecast is shifting a bit. Nice wind out of the E for the start, but then it swings to the SE and SW in the afternoon, though not too strong.  Sunday a.m. the wind is, as of now, forecast out of the S 12-16 before swinging around to the W and NW in the evening.  I believe that is all part of a cool front moving through mid-day Sunday.

I see that Floatsome, a veteran ec'er, is posting on Kiwibird page.  He is of course much more knowledgeable about the event and can explain a little bit better than I what is going on.  Check it out here.

I texted Paul this afternoon asking him for a photo from tonight's party.  He replied that the party was last night.  The story of my life, always a day late for the party.  But this evening I did receive this photo below, Dawn and fellow ec'ers relaxing by the campfire the night before the race.


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