Wednesday, March 2, 2011

a planning map

I did this google map with all eight days that we have planned out for the trip.  The mileage came out to 162 miles.  Throw in dealing with the wind, currents, tacking and it could be 200 miles or more a little more.  That is just about right for an eight day trip.

On past cruises we've sailed legs as short as a dozen miles or as long as 50 miles, but the trips always seems to average out at 25 to 27 miles per day.  Boat speed, with good wind, head wind or no wind always comes out to around 3.3 nautical miles per hour.

This gives us a pretty good plan to work with.  Then we'll adapt as we go along.



Unknown said...

Good reading Steve. Cheers Barry

Steve said...

Thanks, Barry!
The log of the trip, once we do it, should be fun reading too.