Friday, March 4, 2011

on the beach

I knew the vegetation was thick in the Everglades, but I guess it is pretty thick too at Fort do Soto state park, the starting line for the Everglades Challenge.  Above is SOS doing some hardware work (maybe rigging for the spinnaker??) surrounded by palmettoes.  (Hey, the secret about the spinnaker is out guys, no need to hide in the bushes to rig it.)

I had wondered how Paul and Alan would put Dawn Patrol on the beach, thought they might launch at a nearby ramp and sail it over.  But no, it looks like they just back the trailer up and slide it off onto the sand.  Launching from the beach, without assistance, is one of the "filters" for the Everglades Challenge.  If a boat is too big for the crew to push out into the water - sometimes using inflatable rollers - then the boat is too big for the race.

Kayakers of course have an easier time with their boats.  Below are Dawn and Kristen carrying Kiwibird's kayak to the beach.
I'm sure there is a lot for everybody to do this afternoon/evening.  Packing, equipment check and, I've heard, a party or two.

The weather sure looks nice.


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