Monday, March 28, 2011

light and shadow

After a cold, dark, rainy weekend the sun finally showed up late this afternoon.  About time.  I enjoyed the shadow cast by the warm evening light on the wall of the living room.  Somebody told me photography was nothing more than light and shadow.  I think they were right.

As I mentioned in my last post I'm thinking of spending my long weekend sail on the southern edge of Pamlico Sound.  This would include the mouth of the Neuse River, Cedar Island and the upper part of Core Sound.  I've got a few anchorages picked up, but will look at the charts some more to find other options.  Places with names like Swan Creek, Corn Sage Point, Abraham Bay - they seem like places worth visiting.

The biggest chart on the table there is an old NOAA chart labelled "PAMLICO SOUND - WESTERN PART".  It is dated 1989.  I found it on top of a shelf in the closet Sunday morning, faded and covered in dust.  I must have bought the chart when we moved back here twenty some years ago,  probably spent a lot of time looking over the chart, tracing the shorelines, measuring distances and...dreaming.  And then life happened - kids, work, you know what I'm talking about.  The map was tucked on a shelf and forgotten.

But now that I've found the chart again I look at it and smile.  Some of the shorelines I traced years ago are the shorelines I've ghosted along in Spartina.  The distances I measured are distances I have sailed.  And those dreams, well, they aren't just dreams anymore.



Unknown said...

Evocative photos in this post! Nicely done. - TIM

Steve said...

Thank you.


mj said...

Just browsing the internet and fell upon your blog :) I love your work. The photo you take is really great. Thanks for posting.

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Ginger Travis said...

Making memories!