Monday, March 5, 2012

at the starting line?

Below is the watertribe tracking map from this morning showing the starting line at Fort DeSoto.  You can see a handful of people starting or getting ready to start the race.  Included in the group, located near the two skull and crossbones at the lower center, are Dawn and Alan.  It looks like they are on the beach ready to go.

I don't know that it can be called a race for these folks.  I believe they have missed the deadline for the first checkpoint and, unless rules are adjusted, are dq'ed.  At this point I suspect the journey, particularly for those on the Ultimate Florida Challenge (a circumnavigation of Florida), has become a personal challenge and nothing more.  The personal challenge, from my point of view, is more important than the race.

Weather looks good.  Best of luck, Dawn and Alan, for a safe journey.



JimB said...
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JimB said...

I see a roll of Duct Tape next to Mosquito.

My wife rolls her eyes when I pull out the Duct or Velcro. You just can't leave home without them because they're so useful in a pinch.

On the other hand, she does like the self vulcanizing rubber tape which is great too. I don't understand the difference in attitude.

But I hereby admit publicly that sometimes I set her up just to watch the eyes roll by bringing out a roll of Duct Tape and setting it on the bridge deck.

The Captn' of the Head has to have a laugh now and then.

Steve said...

My Dad always said that you could fix anything with duct tape, WD-40, a wrench and a few choice words. steve

Floatsome said...

I've heard nothing directly about Dawn and Alan, but officials are closing CP1 no later than noon today. There was no talk of DQs, however. Racers who haven't been to CP1 yet are directed to continue to CP2 without stopping at CP1. That applies to quite a few competitors.

Bill said...

Key tools: duct tape, Kroil (much better than WD-40 for freeing stuck metal bits), Vise-Grips, bailing wire (or a couple old wire shirt hangers).

Steve said...

Don't forget the choice words. They make all the difference. steve

Bill said...

I figured the choice words were a given. We are sailors, after all, aren't we?

And don't forget to hold your mouth right while making the repairs. That is important too.

JimB said...

This looks promising to add to the above mentioned devices & techniques: