Saturday, March 10, 2012

'nuff said

Those Taylor Bay Scallops were great.  Easily steamed (four minutes) in a butter/garlic/wine sauce, they were surprisingly meaty and sweet. Ocean scallops were excellent too, but these Bay Scallops have got my attention.  BayDog, where were you?



Anonymous said...

Dang, Steve.

Here I'm openin' up a can of Campbell's Clam Chowder, and I have to look at your post and ask myself, " You could have had a mess of Taylor Bay Scallops", but noooooo! :-)

There's nothin' left of that bit I was chewin' on, just counting down the days to get on the Neuse River.

Looking forward to retracing your 'Walkabout 2011' trip.

All the Best,

Buck in NC

Baydog said...

Eating gravlax in Vermont, where else Steve? You're making me hungry again. Did you get a good sear on the dry seas?

Steve said...

Yes, the big scallops came out perfect. Seared top and bottom, cooked just right in the middle. You were given full credit for the technique.