Sunday, March 11, 2012

rigged, ready

It felt good to rig Spartina this morning.  Winter has been mild, but I've missed sailing her for four months now.  I was surprised to find that both reefs were tied into the mainsail.  Just now checking my entries from the November I see that I did if fact go from full main to a single reef and then a double reef on my last sail of the year.

There is the new deck slot cap in place.  Doesn't look too bad, does it?  There was no wind this morning, I could have easily lifted the mast vertically to set it in place.  Instead I pulled off the deck cap and put the mast in place (as my friend Shawn at Pate Boatyard says) Iwo Jima-style, putting the foot of the mast into the slot then walking the mast forward to the vertical position.  I was pleased to find that it was a simple task easily done.

I rigged the entire boat today - masts, sails, rudder, tiller - as if to go sailing.  Taking my time I found a few things I could do to make rigging a little easier.  For example I can, with a slightly longer piece of line and two knots on the mizzen lazy jack, make the mizzen easier and quicker to raise.  And I also came up with a plan to fasten the new anchor bucket in place alongside the foot of the main mast, I just need to buy a bit of line and a few bronze clips.

I'll try to make those small improvements this week and hope for sailing weather next weekend.

I see that Mosquito has tucked into a canal in a very nice looking neighborhood in Pompano Beach, Florida.  I expect they are tying up for the night.  Pretty classy looking campground if you ask me.  Enjoy it guys!

For more on the trip take a look here.



Jon said...

Steve, great to see the deck slot enlargement working well. I recently hurt my back (not too bad, luckily) and decided I don't really want to be lifting that mast up over the deck anymore, particularly on a windy day as you noted. I was starting to think about the full mast slot or tabernacle solutions for my Pathfinder and found your post in time before I started cutting. I think the enlargement is probably the way I will go also.

Steve said...

I haven't had a true test with it yet, but suspect it will work out just right. Easier and more elegant than cutting out the entire slot.
I don't know about you, but I'm not getting any younger and the mast is not getting any lighter.