Thursday, March 8, 2012

weekend forecast, Mosquito update

The forecast for this Sunday looks good for getting out on the water.  Not a lot of wind, but lots of sunshine and comfortable temperatures.  A good day to launch, raise the sails and get the boat squared away.  I'll take it.

Forecasts are not always accurate and sometimes that's a good thing.  High winds forecast for Florida Bay have not arrived.  Instead of blowing 19 mph out of the east it is blowing 9 mph out of the NNE.

It looks to me like Mosquito left Flamingo about 9:30 this morning, heading back west and then southeast to avoid the shallow waters of Florida Bay.  At some point they will have to turn NE to reach Key Largo.

Below is a photo from Dawn Patrol from last year's EC.  It was the final day, light winds and some rowing.  That was the end of the race for Alan and Paul.

For Mosquito, Key Largo will just be another waypoint in the journey as they turn north to head up the east coast of Florida.


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DancesWithSandyBottom said...

SandyBottom and SOS landed in Key Largo at 8:00pm