Saturday, March 10, 2012

Mosquito back on the water, me back on the road

Part of a note posted by Dawn to the watertribe forum....
We are hanging tough, in Watertribe mode. Our hands are swollen and ache, the cold at night a real problem, the winds have us so wet all the time. We will rest and work on boat today. Plan to leave early Sat morning. It's been so freaking scary but also fun and exciting in that Tribe way.
Hard and sad to have heard of the mishaps and rescues needed thus far, so glad no one hurt. Alan tells me its been the hardest sailing he's ever done. There has been a lot of cross your fingers moments, well only have one chance at this as we try to make it through narrow channels against the wind. Mosquito is amazing.g, Alan very impressed with her performance.

I checked Mosquito's tracking page to see that Alan and Dawn left Key Largo not too long ago.  Here is Paul's note from last night.....

SB and SOS have rested and finished the repairs, resupplying, and improvements needed. They reported this evening that they are aiming to cross Biscayne Bay tomorrow and then stop to sleep. They're aiming to wake up at 5am tomorrow (Saturday) morning and then be ready to sail away at about 7am. --Paul

Lots of good information, photos and even video posted by Paul on Dawn's blog.

Cool, breezy and sunny here.  Too cool and breezy for sailing, perfect for touch up painting on Spartina.  I had hoped for a shake down "drift" (winds are forecast at 2 mph) tomorrow, but work gets in the way and I need to be on the road by midday.  Instead I might roll Spartina out of the garage in the morning and rig her sails just to make sure everything is ready to go.


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