Saturday, March 3, 2012

update on Mosquito

I just found this photograph, the nicest one I have seen of Mosquito, on Alan's blog.  I hope he doesn't mind me stealing it.  My guess is that this was taken on Friday during a test sail.  I believe that is Alan standing at the side of Mosquito while Dawn is on a trampoline.

Check out Alan's description of the sails made by Calvert Sails of St. Pete, Fla....

"The Mosquito trimaran has a Triradial cut pentex mainsail, dacron jib, and large Code Zero headsail for a combined sail area of 240 square feet."

Dave, who is the shore contact for Kristen and is posting to her blog, tells me they found three leaks on Moquito during Friday's test sail.  The sealant used for those leaks takes 24 hours to harden, which explains why Mosquito is still on the beach.  The winds were strong and out of the south today, Dawn says they will wait for the wind to swing around to a more favorable direction.


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Baydog said...

They'll be able to make up ground, but it may be difficult to catch the E-scow.