Thursday, March 8, 2012

Key Largo

Just after 8 p.m. Alan and Dawn arrived in Key Largo.  Congratulations!  I hope we get an update this evening on their trip.  I believe reaching the finish line for the Everglades Challenge means that Mosquito has covered 1/3 of the distance for the Ultimate Florida Challenge.  There is still a long ways to go.

Checking the Watertribe forum I found this comment posted by Paul three hours ago.



At 9:30am today they sailed away from CP3 toward a southbound route down to Long Key to pick up the ICW bearing 060 up toward Key Largo / Fiesta Key.  Not wanting to give back any eastward progress, they first tried the route down Murray Key canal.  The water must have been too thin, due to all that strong east wind that's been emptying the bay,  because they abandoned that and headed west to pick up the other southbound route that begins at red marker "2" (about 3 miles south of East Cape).  Looks like they sailed at 6-10 kts SE and reached the Long Key / Fiesta Key area at about 2:00pm.
By 3:30pm the "Mosquito" was passing Lower Matecumbe Key on its way up the ICW. They have about 23nm to go and seem to be moving at about 7kts.  On their heading (about 060) up the ICW,  they may not have to tack if the east wind is a bit ESE or SE.  Looks like they will arrive in Key Largo tonight.

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