Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Cool and grey, very quiet.  Forecast looks good for sailing this weekend.  I hope it holds.



Bill said...

Just discovered that the Great Dismal Swamp canal is scheduled to reopen on March 19.

See: http://cruisersnet.net/good-news-aicw-dismal-swamp-canal-route-set-to-reopen-on-31912/

Steve said...

Excellent. Thanks, Bill. I was assuming that they were doing the work in winter with the plan to re-open for the Spring snowbirds. Glad to get the confirmation. Are you thinking of transiting this year?


Bill said...

I would love to do that trip, all the way down to Ocracoke and back, actually, but it's highly unlikely this year. Too many things going on. The boat is in the water and sailable, but still needs a whole lot of work. The cabin is a disaster - no sole back in there yet, so I'm stepping on the inside of the hull; the head is out, so nowhere (other than the traditional bucket) for necessities, etc. Still some carpentry and lots of painting and varnishing to be done.

And I've got some "interesting times" going on with what I'm doing for my livelihood. So maybe next year...