Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Mosquito update

I am hearing from Paul that Team B and B is still battling high winds as they work their way south along the west coast of Florida.  Waters were so rough in Pine Island Sound that they took an inlet out to the Gulf to be on the lee (west side) of Sanibel Island.  The trimaran continued south until they ran out of "island" and entered the open Gulf, which was terrible.

At that point they backtracked to Pine Island Sound - you can see the going from "1" at the southern tip of Sanibel Island, below,  with the numbers increasing to "21" where they re-entered the sound in search of protected waters.  Now they are anchored behind a small island waiting for the tides to give them so more water.

Strong winds out of the east are expected to continue through tomorrow as you can see in the forecast below.

Mosquito, I am told, is performing well.  There is, however, a persistent leak that is forcing Dawn and Alan to stop sailing every two hours and bail out the mail hull.  Stopping to bail while battling high winds and waves can't be fun.

Dawn has nothing but great things to say about Alan's sailing skills.  I've had the chance to watch Alan sail and I know exactly what she is talking about.

Below you'll see the island that is giving them a break from the wind and waves.  A break well-deserved.


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