Sunday, March 11, 2012

raising sail

I raised sails on Spartina for the first time this year.  You can see in this photo my daughter took out of her bedroom window (which needs some cleaning) that I was a trailer sailor today.  I've got to get on the road for work, not enough time to sail and probably not enough wind either.  But it was good to get her rigged. 
I'll post some detail photos when I get settled in Morehead City this evening. 

Mosquito is approaching Fort Lauderdale.  For photos and details about the adventure take a look at Paul's post on Dawn's blog.



Bill said...

Today would have been a great sailing day. I was up working on my boat in the slip and it was nicely breezy. I was so tempted to take her out, but I ran out of time. There was plenty of wind - definitely would have been nice.

Oh well, next weekend.

Anonymous said...


I just noticed your view counter rolled pass 100,000.

Probably not a big deal on you end, but congratulations.

Obviously a testament to your recollections, links, photos "to die for", and style of writing in your travel diaries.


Buck in NC

Steve said...


I had not noticed that. Thanks for pointing it out. steve