Sunday, March 4, 2012

packing Spartina

Here is a Mosquito update from Paul with a little background on decision making.  The tracking map still shows Dawn and Alan at the campground near the starting line.  Paul's update ends with line below.  I can't tell if he is teasing the team or referring to ongoing discussions.  I guess we'll know more tomorrow morning.
"Will Team B&B ever make it off the beach ?"

When not checking the watertribe website and associated blogs today I have been sorting through gear, checking batteries and packing Spartina.  I could be sailing as soon as next weekend should the weather cooperate.
Below are my spares, the gps and vhf radio.  They are each bagged with a new set of batteries, those two bags will be inside of the orange dry bag in an aft storage area on Spartina.

I am replaced my air horn with a smaller one.  I keep the horn inside the day storage box so it is easily accessible.  The new, much smaller horn - still coast guard approved - will save some space.  We have only used the air horn once, when signaling Paul and Dawn during the Tag Team 200.  On my trip last Fall I did have the horn out of the box and ready to use while sailing in thick fog, though I never did need to use it.

One time, reaching into the storage box while Spartina was in the garage, I accidentally pushed the button on the air horn.  Hearing in my right ear returned after just a day or two.

And below is the new anchor bucket in place.  I still have not settled on how it will be best attached to the mast so that in cannot slide or tip over.  I've got some temporary lines in place now.  I'll experiment with those and have a more permanent solution by the walkabout.


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