Sunday, March 4, 2012

blowing like a bandit

There is not much to report about the Everglades Challenge right now other than howling winds.  Kristen's blog, with updates posted by Dave, has been my best source of info.

Dave reports winds gusting to 45 miles per hour.  Kristen is hunkered down on Sarasota Bay.  Dawn and Alan are still at the starting line, with plans to start no earlier than tonight.  Checking the Watertribe's website I see there was a false SOS report for Dawn.  It was later pointed out that SOS is the tribe name for Alan.  Dawn is SandyBottom.  Son Alan is SOS - Son of SandyBottom.

Here we have steady rain, but the weather is fine in the garage where I will spend the day repacking Spartina.


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MaryLou said...

More info from the Watertribe site:

We crossed the Sunshine Skyway Bridge yesterday on our way to a Phillies game up in Clearwater. Saw lots of small sails out by Ft. Desoto but were too far away to see any kayaks. It was really rough then with wind in their faces. Must have been a tough crossing.

It's really blowy today from the north with big, big gusts.