Friday, March 9, 2012

r and r for Team B and B

In my ever lasting effort to find new snack food for cruising I paid a fairly dear price for a box of dried Goji Berries.  I liked the color, shape and name.  On first taste I found them to be halfway between raisins and cough syrup.  We'll see, maybe I will come to like them.  I've added some to a box of wasabi peas to see if the mixture has an appealing texture and taste.  I googled the berries to learn something about them only to find that Goji is really a marketing name, there true name is the less-than-appetizing "wolfberry."

Alan and Dawn, also known as Team B and B, are getting some rest in Key Largo.  I had wondered if they would get to the EC finish line, check in and keep on going.   But it appears that they will relax, probably work on Mosquito and sailing gear, and enjoy the EC banquet/party on Saturday (I think).

Paul tells me that reaching Key Largo means the race is over.  It is now a "cruise" as they complete the circumnavigation of Florida.  Racing or cruising, I suspect they will do some hard sailing with Alan at the helm.

For better information about the trip so far take a look at this post on Dawn's blog.



DancesWithSandyBottom said...

SB and SOS have rested and finished the repairs, resupplying, and improvements needed. They reported this evening that they are aiming to cross Biscayne Bay tomorrow and then stop to sleep. They're aiming to wake up at 5am tomorrow morning and then be ready to sail away at about 7am. --Paul

Bruce said...

Steve, no wolf berries for me please. I like our standard mix.