Monday, March 26, 2012

weather, Mosquito update

A quick looks like Alan and Dawn are in, arriving sometime after noon.  Well done, and congratulations.


I drove to the ramp yesterday morning under skies that, while overcast, looked to be clearing.  But fog on the river kept me from launching.  As I waited and watched the cool north wind seemed to be pushing more fog my way.  There is too much commercial traffic on the Elizabeth River to sail in the fog, I don't want to be a speed bump for a container ship.  

Instead I drove home and made some rigging adjustments to Spartina, taking care of things that I notice but never resolve when I'm out on the water because I'm having too much fun sailing.  Those little jobs, as a friend of mine once said, are like a hole in the roof - you can't fix it when it is raining, don't need to when it's not.  I'm glad I finally took care of those little jobs. 

Mosquito should be completing the circumnavigation of Florida in a matter or hours.  I cannot wait to hear the stories.  It is a little over three weeks, and about 1200 miles, since the adventure began at Fort DeSoto.  They started out with a two day weather hold.  And it seems they sat another day, or at least part of a day, north of Cedar Key to let some storms pass through.  Those are proving to get excellent decisions.  Alan and Dawn sailed/paddled when the weather allowed them to be out on the water, and got their rest and worked on the boat when the weather was less than cooperative.  Below is a photo of Dawn from the most recent weather hold at Spanish Bayonet Island.

I'm sure Paul, Alan and Dawn will be posting soon after they get in, pack up and catch up on their rest.  I'll put some links up when they start posting.  And for another view of the start of the most difficult Everglades Challenge take a look at Kristen's account here.


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