Thursday, March 8, 2012


Mosquito clung to the coast, sailed into the night and reached Flamingo sometime between 3:30 this morning.  I suspect they are catching up on rest and waiting to see what the winds are like.  Right now Key Largo is showing a breeze at 7 mph, by late morning it should be blowing about 20 mph out of the east.

Alan is having problems with his dry suit.  This message below showed up on the watertribe discussion site.  A dry suit is critical, particularly as they leave the warmer waters of the gulf and head up the east coast of Florida.


Does anyone in the Key Largo area have a dry suit SOS could borrow / buy ?
The dry suit he has is new, but the rubber gaskets are glued to the body of the suit with a glue that seems to be failing.   This is the first time he has used this dry suit.   It had been in storage for a while,   so about two months ago he had a professional dry suit repair place check it over and get it ready.   Perhaps they used faulty glue? 

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