Friday, June 19, 2009

anti-what??? powder

Sailing, relaxing, cooking, reading, it doesn't matter.  On a small boat we spend a lot of time sitting.  The seats are hard, clothes are damp.  Things can get rough if you know what I mean.  So on the next trip we'll be carrying some Anti Monkey Butt Powder.  
Sure, you can get your gold bond this, your baby powder that.  But I can't see having anything other that AMB powder on board.
And speaking of better living through chemistry, we'll also be taking some GU Energy Gel along with us on the next trip.

A day on the water saps my energy.  It doesn't matter if it is a hard day of sailing or just the weather, we both found that by late afternoon our energy was sagging a bit.  I've read that the Watertribe kayakers use something like this for a boost.  We'll have a few packs on board to see if it helps get us through the late afternoon.



SandyBottom said...

Go for the Chocolate (tastes better), and the 2+ caffeine.

I think I'll be getting some of that AMB powder stuff too :)

Steve said...

Thanks Dawn. I hope to try a few flavors before I buy a pack.


Kristen said...

Thumbs down on the strawberry - the lime is excellent and Dawn's spot on re the chocolate. Since I don't drink coffee when I do have one of the caffeine shots for that 14th hour or so of paddling non-stop, it truly has some effect, though does give me a headache.

Have a look at Steve Gurney's Gurney Goo. Great stuff for all friction areas - also prevents/heals up any feet problems within a few days: