Saturday, June 13, 2009

mapping out the trip

I'm still trying to figure out google maps so this is pretty rough.  But this is the first step in planning the fall trip.  Click here to open the map in google maps.  The starting point is Somers Cove Marina in Crisfield, Md.  It costs a few bucks to get a permit, but it is a good ramp and the parking lot is right next to the Coast Guard station so I think it is a safe place to leave the tow vehicle.  The first day's sail will be a short one, just over to Smith Island where we'll stay at an inn (Ewell Tide Inn, I think).  I've been to Tangier Island several times, but have never been to Smith Island.  I hear it is a nice place to visit and there is a good restaurant there.   From there we'll head up the islands of Tangier Sound and into the Honga River.  It looks like there are two cuts through Hoopers Island out to the Bay, not sure which one we'll use.  Then we'll sail north past Taylors Island and across the mouth of the Choptank River.  We could, depending on time, go in to Oxford (that's not marked on the map) or more likely go to Tilghman Wharf.   Then it is across the bay to the West River, Annapolis and then back across the Bay to Rock Hall.  Then south through Kent Narrows to the Wye River (where I hear, but have not confirmed, there is a sail-in the night before the Small Craft Festival).  Then it is on to St. Michaels for the festival itself.   I know there are a few places to stay along the way, plus we'll anchor out a few nights.  When we get a chance Bruce and I will skype and talk over the route.  I know he had some input that worked very well on the last trip.  So I'll see what he thinks.


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Bruce said...

At this point in the planning my initial concerns will to be sure where ever we stay they have cold beer and fresh sea food. I am still dealing with some lingering wounds suffered during the battle of Mosquito Creek. Seems I have an allergic reaction to some types of Mosquito bites, dirty buggers. (See Steve I really was in a fierce battle and not just cowering in my bivy the next morning)